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Justin Brien, Senior Software Engineer, OpenText
Sumon Saha, Director of Product Management, Informatica

July 1, 2020

When your data grows so fast that it overwhelms your legacy data integration platform, you need to modernize your approach.




Prash Chandramohan, Senior Director Product Marketing

July 7, 2020

best365体育投注英超Global conditions have made supply chains more unpredictable than ever. What you can’t see in your suppliers’ value chains can disrupt your own, leaving you with high risks, unexpected costs, and few alternatives if a supplier can’t deliver.




Sumeet Agrawal, Product Management, Informatica
Abhilash Mula, Product Management, Informatica

July 15, 2020

Modernizing analytics in the cloud demands a modern approach to data management. Avoiding point solutions and instead leveraging a robust data management platform will let you optimize the value of your cloud investment.




Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist
Richard Cramer, Chief Healthcare Strategist, Informatica

July 16, 2020

Why should your healthcare organization reinvent the customer experience when it can replicate best practices from other industries instead?




Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research
John Haddad, VP, Product Marketing

July 22, 2020

This webinar will present the findings of Bloor Research's latest survey on the current cloud data integration and data management market space, with a particular emphasis on total cost of ownership and time to value.




Lesley Hanly, VP, MDM Product Management, Informatica
Federico Alonso Bernard, Sr. Product Specialist, Informatica

July 23, 2020

ERP migrations typically require two or more ERP systems to function simultaneously for a significant amount of time—meaning that data quality and data synchronization are key to project success.



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